The Sounds Under Cacophony 

Now I can hear

Deafness is a gift 

The cacophony quiets

No voices 

No cries 

No pleads of sighs 

Nothingness in solitude 

Only the bubbles within my being

Vibrating feelings and knowing 

In quietness I hear

Stories and rhymes and humming 

All encompassing the world 

They’re there for all to listen 

However drowned by noise, you see 

Wishing you hear what I sense 

Wishing that it rumbled you 

In the world of silence 

There are messages permeating 

All about the atmosphere 

Around your bedroom at night 

Sometimes singing whispers 

As if angels were giggling that I’ve heard 

Because this world of magnetic energy 

Was here all along

Thank you Poetess Haven for the image 

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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