I cannot hear’ Deafness 

These expensive gadgets that must be worn to hear

Make morning, dreading placing them in my ears 

Silence where no chirping birds can be heard

No whispers of people, no uttered single word

No meow of the kitty cat whose adjusted his mews

The tom knows to enunciate like I’ve taught my kids 

Speak clearly that I might read your lips, please dears

Not to mention the eyesight where poetry is misspelled 

But the silence goes when the earplugs enter into canals

The noisemakers all around something buzzing confuses me

Turning to my left and then the right to hear where that alarm be

Driving in the car, music loud, a melody, drowns out the world

From out of know where startles my inner peace and calm

A siren from the EMS from out of no where frightened me

He shoots me the finger because I didn’t hear him coming 

The grocery store is screaming, the gadgets in my ears squeak 

They pick up all children crying, yelling screaming oh lord, I’m deaf

As if large brass church bells resounding without my head 

And parties forget them, now that’s cacophony, not joyous at all

And they speak low so that I can’t hear, well with the gadgets dear

I hear sometimes more than one can honestly bare across the room

From across the way their conversation is not so secretive but dismay 

One never can tell which way the receptors pick up the words of theirs 

Spoken privately on purpose come loudly in the gadgets brain then mine

Pencil grinders, pencils tapping, people talking play a mind confusing game

Coming home I take a breath. A sigh it’s at the end of another loud day

When night arrives, what a joy, not to hear that awful mess of a growling play

I remove those little gadget suckers and hear silence of a moments grace

The sweetness of serendipity, the voice of the almighty speaks about love

It is a pleasure to understand that honesty there is this other world

And in that world words come form bubbles of delightful impressions 

In that place where peace and comfort dwell protected from violence

I long to sleep where angels strum vibrational tunes all so pleasant 

And there the mind rests in silence and awe, and with God smile

He’s glad that I hear him as he is lonely as well

I am thankful for my world 

This place where heaven is

BJ 2017

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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