Fusion of Life

Fusion of Life

The source to travel through this edges of the universe and back

The source that flames love and hate illuminates from stars above 

The energy forms from fusion and ignited thoughts and whispers 

It moves tongues, moves actions, moves poetry, moves mountains 

Everywhere within the cosmos energy speaks in electric languages 

Controlling out of control spiraling heated wild and colder masses 

Inside and out, moving liquidly between light and dark chaotic matter 

Bolts of flashing lightning and tails of fireflies, eels deep underwater 

People conversing, sneezing, dog tails wagging, trees limbs moving 

Wind and windmills, dams, radio waves, sonar, and nuclear fusion 

Dreams are energy transporting through time and space living beings 

Stones and stars, gemstones and pearls, terra cotta with mineral matter

Just simply singing a song about The God of Creation designer of heaven 

2017 BJ

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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