The Dew

I feel dampness in the air

It is a reminder of years before 

Cool and fresh, it subdues heat

Landing gently upon my face 

In solitude my heart hides

Peering through veils of yesterday’s 

Seeing you walking into a place 

Thinking of that season long ago 

Ideas of wants are vague and vanishing

Visions seem like yesterday, but are not 

Kissing a ghost of my distant past

Touching an image that dissolves 

This poem I pen has no answers 

Yet I search for closings of true love

Reaching out to a place that’s not here

Reality is that you can’t be near

And here we are, your image fades

Letting go has been all I’ve had 

Your the only truth I’ve perceived 

Here forsaking my hopes and dreams 

For you are all that I believed

And as the dew gently showers my face

The drops light then dissipate

The drops I’ve come to appreciate 

They visit a moment to say what they must 

I know the lessons of the dew

I hear the utterances of their gifts

And in the tactile delicate sprinkles 

I know their whispers to my heart 

2017 @ BJ

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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