The Diary of My Snake Bite 🐍

Day one…

I’m renaming this article to The Diary of My Snake Bite
Snake news for the day 
Warning: foot selfie posted of snake bite 🔺🐍
My family member suggested that I call animal control about the snake 🐍 in my yard that bit me. 
So, I spoke with animal control and they explained snake bites in East Texas. 
Snakes only insert the amount of venom they feel is protective for them at that moment 
Animal control will search the yard if I want them to 
Thank goodness they can not today 
Can’t deal with this now 
They said a copperhead can leave a 1 inch mark and so can our rattle snake 
A copperhead is not deadly but a rattlesnake can be 
A copperhead doesn’t leave neurological damage and a rattlesnake does; however, a copperhead’s worse symptoms are between day 10–30… 
Good news 

I don’t feel any neurological issues (update) my right leg is doing something weird.
Rattlesnake bites start necrosis pretty quickly depending on the amount of venom delivered. I don’t see any necrosis but bruising. Bruising can lead to necrosis, so I must keep an eye on it.

I’ve never been afraid of snakes 🐍 

Until now 

Dat Two

Later…. 1AM CST USA the saga of being bit my an unknown snake.
It’s the middle of the night, but before I fell asleep, the bone pain was unrelieved by Tylenol, my choice, even though, the doctor said that I will need something stronger. I said, no thank you. Well, I’m rethinking the need for something more.
The bone pain didn’t awaken me. It was the fact that I couldn’t breathe. My wheezing was inspiatory and expiratory. I struggled with the nebulizer and couldn’t get it fast enough. Finally, the respirations were even and unlabored. 
Perhaps this was brought on by a death of a family friend. RIP Robert Bowers. I don’t know what triggered this respiratory response but it awakened me gasping for air. 
The bone pain diminished while the breathing episode took front seat. Anyway it is over now, and I have thoughts about Robert and what he meant to my mother. They were great friends. 
So, my son arrives home tomorrow. I might check myself into the hospital just for observation. Surely, the death part has passed. It’s just the pain and breathing issues now, plus intermittent fevers.
Snake bite, or this one, causes bones to hurt like flu only worse. It’s constant and it doesn’t come and go. My right leg must be lifted up for it to cross my left. I have to help it a little.
Some have told me the fangs were those of a rattlesnake while I hold it to a copperhead as the thought of a rattlesnake is too much to perceive. Too frightening.
Anyway, later today, I will post more… until then, keep the entire world in your good thoughts and prayers… 
Rip Robert 🕊

Day 2.5

It is now the 7th day post bite

Since the copperhead’s response is delayed, meaning the worst is affrer 10-30 days of excruciating pain, fever and respiratory,

My guess this is a copperhead bite… a rattlesnake, I would have seen necrosis..
My Snake Bite saga will continue…
Bless the world 

2 thoughts on “The Diary of My Snake Bite 🐍

    1. I was bitten this past summer and the type of snake was unknown. Sad face, but I suppose had I’ve seen it, I probably would have been more frightened.

      I hope that you’re doing better?

      The snakes 🐍 must have been abundant this past summer


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