Genuflection the perception of the angle of reflection

Sycophany and preservation of dignity less deemed

Intolerable and despised as He was so rejected of men

Not popular among the accepted yet a few saw truth

Softly, quietly gazing for he held wisdom from youth

The piercing eyes as if brilliant white yellow rays shown

He looked at me, I looked at him, a Deus for my day

Meshing energy shrouded all encompassing we two

Intracellularly red blood cells fused becoming renewed

The vibrations shook the foundations wherein my shoes

My fingers felt alive, warmed by the visions of his deity

My hair stood from the static of electrifying radiant heat

And for that second, that moment, time held only one truth

There is more to living mundaneness and one must merely seek

Its not hiding anywhere purposely away from you and I

It has been here all along yet we are too busy with neigh

He said the kingdom of God is dwelling within each man

It is not in showy genuflection nor in sycophant conjured plans

It is found in the meadows amongst the deer and fluffy lambs

See it glowing in the golden barley tenderly blowing in the wind

The twissels from the birds and the wolves silhouette on high

The whales and whistles and tender thistles along the merry way

The twinkle in the stars, the warmth of the rays, the smell of babies feet

There within the broken heart are answers awaiting all defeat

In reverence we bow our thoughts and humbly lend our ears

Listening to the wind in trees as it whispers of majesty and ways

Following an overgrown path where no mans entered there into

Poison ivy grows all around trying hard to alter the beliefs

But, trusting leads the way of a shepherd whose lost the sheep

But, that’s okay says the Deus, because the flock has blinded thee
BJ 2017

Sycophany a natural or instinctive tendency to act so as to preserve one’s own existence. There is a thin line between being sycophantic and seeking self-preservation. Sometimes, we say what people want to hear, rather than what …

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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