Singularly sitting in quiet solitude 

Not expecting anything 

Swinging under the tree mid summer

The humidity hampered all but mosquitoes 

Just moving backwards and forth contemplating

The moment, the air, the silence, the sky, the sign

Wondering what was this lingering like a cloud 

The swirling gasses would surely be dismissed 

The meteorologist would give the definition 

But, I knew better than phenomenal rhetoric 

There it trickled down for over two hours 

Breathing was no longer natural and easy

But the thoughts of you were crystal clear

I don’t own you nor do you have claims to me 

Possessions of people aren’t bound by paper 

Freedoms are guaranteed by The Constitution 

So like the bird flies far from the fledging nest

I open my hands releasing my controlling quest 

The fowl with the broken wings took flight 

The horizon appeared hazy but the silhouette flew

Over the meadows and ore’ tops of trees, then from sight 

The moment was solemn reverence yearning for my maker

The one who answers questions and comforts mothers 

So we sat pondering the truths held within the signs 

We spoke on life and growing up and all that’s so blind 

Releasing our idols, letting go of our alters, knowing sublime 

Life is funny 

The only thing pleasurable are the small signs

The butterflies wings

The cats eyes

The dog that licks the broken heart 

The horses nose that nuzzles love 

And God gave us love you see

Look at the signs 

The eyes of lost animals 

The orphaned child 

The elderly in wheelchairs 

The little wonders in the Buttercup 

The wind within the willows 

These are the signs of love sent to you and me

BJ @2017

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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