Grabbing Heaven

The insatiable thirst to be gods annihilated mankind 

Devouring its fruit will prove the destruction of 

Had you stayed like the tribe of the Quechua people

Survival is probable for they tribute the animals 

Saluting the foods whose lives are stolen 

Feeling the pain of death of the preyed kingdom 

In humbled thankfulness they ingest the rations

Taking no trophies to boost their egos on mantels

Wearing a necklace to remind of spirits eaten

But man wants to be like God desiring apples 🍎 

In no reverence displayed glutenous appetites 

Robbing each other from backs of commoners 

Stepping over landscapes, waters and oceans 

Just craving power like vampires consuming 

Mouths with teeth bleeding selfish obscenity 

The rainforest dwindling as volcanoes erupt 

Frantically living, working to appease the gods

That god within that has no relationship nor 

Love for the hungriest appetites of mankind 

Images flash as the preacher jets to the Adam

Deceived by the APPLE found on certain products 

Swayed by the worshipping crowds who gather 

Bloodthirsty vampires grabbing empty pockets 

Stuffing bellies with the foods of ancient idols

No remorse taking the purse of grandmothers 

Carnivores and gluttonous thieves are present 

Living better than average and problematic dear 

Climbing up to the skies on tops of mountains 

Struggling to eat from the tree of knowledge 

Forgetting their manners unlike Quechua people

Who honor sprits of all that have fallen 

By the bloody thirsty hands of Adams APPLE 🍎 
BJ @2017 

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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