The Myst Finds 

There is a myst amongst the veil that surrounds we

Who forge a way on a journey surely unknown to

The people who walk amid stones and brambles do

Stumble in darkness yet hopefully led by preambles

Finding a way that seems right under a shadowed moon

Sticks and thorns, stickers and moss, constantly loom

In forests of the wilderness often lonely and forlorn

Cooing and purring, buzzing of bees, and a goat horn

Skeletons of the dead are seen meant only to alarm

Fear not, traveling barefooted for miles and unharmed

Where is faith of your journey that looks like mayhem

You see the myst and the eerie forest as something that

Will harm you dear fellows and country critters who are

Simply amazing with wonderfully inspiring moments of

Living poetry embracing all hills and green tender valleys

Completely tackling the mazes of trials for the inspiration

The games will end when you reach the cottage in the myst

The beauty of the lush earth and of the wilderness gesture

Will appear magically when you rest from the terrifying story

Finding it was yours all along with all of the stress and turmoil

The way of serenity and peace came when you entered a garden

That you made when you passed the glades of the kingdom

All along this was yours as you waved your intuitive wand

The next time around will be easier as you now understand

The way of the myst and of the jungles are for conquering

Now rest, put your feet up, and immensely enjoy freedom

Your cottage has unveiled, now welcome home

To your Garden of Eden

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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