To Houstonians Old Harvey 

If you should go by way of the South

To the place where I was born on rivers bend

The willows sway by the ways of the wind

Then bid hello to the folks who are my kin

If the moonlight is shining on waves

If it rumbles into the night 

Know that I am riding the waves of time 

Thankful for all the memories of you 


If life should stop being a beautiful day 

If it should slumber and disintegrate 

Please know that I will live within my dreams 

And carry on truth about the way it seems 


If my children were to travel on

If they are to explore the vast unknowns

Please know that I am like the Sun’s dawn

Arising with lights and shadows from beyond 


When winter comes to bring you rest

When it slumbers into midday 

Think of the flowers blooming next spring 

The ways of you that I remember best 


And if a dandelion’s thistle drifts on a breeze 

If it lingers dancing on high drifts 

Please know that the moments cast

And whispers a message from me to you 



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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