To Neil deGrasse Tyson MultiversesMultiverses Dark Matter and Space

By Bojenn

Space is not what we have perceived nor proven synergistic energies

Creative chaos moving ionic and cationic particles while flicking dust

Dark matter a binding glue thought no attraction between tiny atoms

The caverns of sixty percent of multiverse that’s not thought of often

A universe upon universe up universe upon universe yet a hyperbole

A parallel existence between hither tither and way beyond imagination

And even perhaps never ending infinite galaxies one day colliding on

Andromeda and the Milky Way tearing apart compelling two black holes

And where on Earth does this creature called man whose complexities

Are similarly compared to the life of an ant building and working towards

Kingdom Come and adoring a queen mother and where are there truths

Vastness of dark matter and only see what intellectuals can comprehend

And if there is a god then he’s the master within the caves hidden behind

The laws of mans physics won’t define a random chaotic bend in time

Something is missing from the equation defining logistics of engineering

How are the multiverses managed and how do they operate and how ?

Its forever waning on, off the edge of the cliff, jumping from the carbon atom

Jumping into the abyss of randomness and and not knowing what is 666

So man without answers makes scientists from curious young children

Like infinity this poem will never end as the questions grow need relevance

As the multiverses grows leaps and bounds so should questions

And answers change with proofs of worn out theories and man lives on

Until Andromeda collides with Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury

Silently revering the moments when Earth kisses Venus and Mars

Raises war on the gods who allowed chaos to happen

🌞⭐️💥✨☀️⚡️🌙🌖🌕🌒🌘🌑🌚🌝💫⚡️☄️bj 2017

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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