A Simple Beautiful Fall Morning 

This image is from Alan Boles on A Poets Haven on FB

Simply exquisite enraptured beautiful weather and sky

Sunlight and rays beamed through the vague limbs

A story was before me, traveling to utterly nowhere 

And I felt amazed by the birds singing everywhere 

Could this be a sign from the forces protecting heaven 

Or was it a mysterious journey taking me to somewhere 

Awe but the sights enraptured my journeys small quest

And I lingered at the fence just beholding the moments 

There a calf born from a weakened stated furry vessel 

Wobbling on its unsure legs and quite insignificant 

Except to me who found the frothy newborn calf

But watched his mother sadly woozy and unsteady

Deciding to venture into their world of uncertainty 

Became a servant of the kingdom of healers

Held my arms around her weakened neck

Rubbing her brow and tenderly helping the calf

Found myself in their monumental task

Just helping the beasts to come to their place 

And there I stayed until I’d been released

Surrendering time to the troubles and needs

On a beautiful fall day meandering a road

Found the beauty that led me to this time 

Thankful for the best day that I’ve ever had 

The life of a mother and a tender lad

And God led me here and this I know 

He takes us places where there are no bows

Just he and we and work he has us to do

On simple exquisite enraptured beautiful days


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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