Leaping to Destiny and Being Saved in The Process. Once again thank you Alan Boles for A Poets Haven on FB

Bleak dark mold and filth clung to my feet.

I’d removed my shoes wandering the straths

Wondering if it ever get out of this murky place

The stench was so great I’d of covered my face


After a period of sledging this smitten hell hole flop

My face covered in dung and sheep turds that hung

The long sleek grass covered my cut swollen ankles

The eschewed moments for the boroughs offered


But a light from above splintered my filth smitten eyes

It seemed only a smattering distance from where I stayed

Reaching from underneath slime infested molds grabbed

Branches of government and wilted worn out souls


Over the tops of the sinking sanders and greasy cesspools

Throughly through the nuke and miry dangling thistles

Swinging above the mirrors of wild ferocious beasts

Teething angrily swearing growling of their dismay


The last feature of the narcissistic swamps voice smiles

Lay a pool of beautifully colored delicate purplish orchids

They daintily lie so much like a virginal sweet princess’

The damned pool of quicksands are now at my feet


No ropes, no cords to flash myself across to its other side’

Shall I be defeated, hell no, and with that I run across

The sands try to grab me with deeper angst that I can imagine

But I swear, I’ll not die here dwelling in this putrified canyon


But, it’s final now and nothing is left for my hands to take hold

The smugglers of sand are taking me underground in this mess

Shall I not have what is promised in this kingdom come

And before my eyes and mouth go under a chimpanzee takes me in


He lifts this wilted human body lashed from the situations

He pulls me to the shady sunlight on the heavenly garden

And tenderly administers love and gods freedom

Awakening me, from my twisted imaginations


Knew I was home 🏡 in the place where I’d be likened

And never shall I return to the place in that dungeon

And in thankfulness I’ll kiss my mother and father

Who brought me here to gods glorious house in his kingdom


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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