Poetry for Saturday October 7, 2017 


It was in there that I became lost, then found myself

A  panacea for the ill mental lost falcons of the air

Of the world and of the universe I have traveled

And there is where, I became disenchanted

Entertaining the green essence of a forest

Fireflies or orbs greeting my quaint arrival

Tethering was their way of communication

No sounds heard as they buffered all answers

Holding my hands as I entered their wang

Smelling my skin over my brow

Quietly vibrating within the silence

Kissed my forehead and my eyes

Then I knew that I was suddenly home

These lights were beautiful beings

People whom I had loved

And they accepted me with their open arms.   

This forest was the place for me to rest

It is my home when the world is a mess

And one day into the gates I will enter

But until then, I travel yonder about

Like, as if, I’m just a sinner

Until the lights transform my heart

I must wander from hither to yon

Accepting all that is and everything beyond


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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