Autumn 🍂 Poetry

◦ Shh…the leaves fall whispering their lives of glorious moments

◦ Oxygenating the earths atmosphere while merely manufacturing

◦ Absorbing, transferring, reproducing and submitting air for breath

◦ Now hush, pay reverence for the opportunity of living

◦ The autumn leaves completely performed their missions

◦ In perfection the world is balanced in gods mathematics and equations

◦ So sleep in winter while trees rest from their exhaustion

◦ Relaxing in thanksgiving while plants produce south of the equator

◦ Sending oxygen north when we sleep in cold weather

◦ Returning the oxygenated substance during summer

◦ Allowing the forces a complete sleep when sojourning

◦ A peace of the kingdom is found in reproduction

◦ Quality of breath is during each moment

◦ Rest assured created for a great reason

◦ Mortality in all gods creations

BoJenn 2017

Thank you Alan Boles at A Poets Haven on FB for the image

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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