October Poetry 2017

She is contemplating someone

Who puts the world amperes

She simplifies the obtuse hypothesis

And places all pieces together

A detective who ponders mysteries

Seeing beyond the scope of a human

She is the one who explores the grey-matter

And includes the light, moving the rays to implore

In silence and in calmness she examines

Interruptions are kept minimal to her assumptions

The hypothesis is waiting for the discovery

While it waits, she uses exquisite mannerisms

Day or night she meanders the scene

Carefully touching without leaving prints

Casted as an undercover officer

She is part of the plot so it seems

As the ending, finds her manipulating the world

A small fraction of the entire sphere

She’s got it lest you beware her power

Now run like the dickens!

Lest you become grossly unfurled

BoJenn LLC

Thank you Alan Boles for the image

2 thoughts on “October Poetry 2017

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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