A Witch in Her Forest (poetry)


In solitude I find the way
My red cape covers dismay
The flowers are beautiful and appreciate the visit
Lingering upon the dank mossy carpet
Just quietness with butterflies flitting
All is well in my coven so forbidden
Please do not enter while I scry
The hexes will never happen
The interruption will forever matter
And in anxiety I will shatter
So thank you for your time
But rest, for in solitude –
The world in the forest is mine

BoJenn LLC 2017

Thank you Alan L Boles for the picture… I couldn’t find it to post my poem…

2 thoughts on “A Witch in Her Forest (poetry)

    1. I will… I work as well and put in many hours. I wish that I could visit you and your blog sometime and I will try to… please know that I will do my best to visit yours and others that have taken a back seat… lately, I’m unable to keep my own blog up… lol… past retirement age and am still working to afford living… ugh 😑

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