As You Wish 🌟poetry

Wishes are conscious desires of dreams

Hopes for better futures it seems

Everyday reminding God of prayer needs

Almost begging for relief and succeeds

Twirling the hair in hopes fulfilled

Twisting the paperclips until it’s rebuild

Movements not perceived by the soul

Noticed by others who often roll

Eyes that are aquatinted with cognitions

Knowledge of wishes for their missions

Wants so yearned are rendered until

Forgotten pleads lost within a will

Years past invoking the lost wish

One day occurs, just a swish

Thanking the Gods of the universe

Because now moved onto other immerse

Forgetting the desires of certain hopes

Have become minuscule in ones scopes

And the wish came through beyond

Years of wanting before, now gone

Living is filled with long hoping

Each day lends time for asking

And one day, after you dismissed

It maybe, just as you wished

BoJenn LLC 2017

Illustration by me

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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