The Spiral Staircase

I opened a door where I stood

Looking down on a spiral staircase

The floors were wood laden with spiders

Mold on the walls going down down down

The door behind me closed and locked

Unable to twist the knob this way or that

There I stood and only oneway to descend

The floor creaked with my first step in a whim

Then I took another advance slowly moving

Holding the walls carefully carefully edging

With my hands holding tightly to the mildew

And thus breathing in and out, controlled

The air smelled of dank dewy dirty wood

My fingers blackened by mold and dust

The frail rail rested loosely and fell off the wall.

Where was I going? “I don’t know,” I said

But, there was no place to run amidst

Proceeding down the spiral stairs to where?

Praying the floor didn’t collapse beneath

Came to the bottom after three turns about

Stood to look around the stock and there I saw

A new world somewhere back in time long ago

And twas then facing a world somewhere else

This happened before and now I must go

Into the unknowing that is my new home

BoJenn 2015

The image, I’m not certain of its originator or artist

Thank you though

I wish that I knew your name

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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