Dazzling Angel

Once upon a time walking the road

Stood stunned at the beauty grown before me

In one place entirely amazed looking at the tree utterly gazed

Was it the angel one has dreamt of

Was the tree a miracle of happenstance

Oh I know not as I remained afar

For I felt my divisibly would devour

The innocent young tree so white as a birth

And my hands grubby with underlying dirt

But just to see from afar

Would remember the purity of the innocent in reverence

Oh but not to be cast in doubt by flaws of the irrelevant

And I will behold the forest and its angelic visitor

Thank the heavens for the image within my perspective and benevolence

BoJenn 2017


Thank you A Poets Haven for the image

5 thoughts on “Dazzling Angel

      1. Sorry I’ve been absent. Having loads of internet problems, and have so much reading to catch up on! I’m good thanks. Trust you are as well. Have a fabulous Christmas, won’t you 🙂

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