Poem (part two of poem one on 12.29.17)

Part 2

Behind the singing blonde angel who fed me.

She pointed “that way” to the pathway set before the trees.

Yes beautiful and green this holding seems to be

I wearily took my hat before lingering.

A pink Dogwood appeared way in the distance.

But audibly there were no sounds and no resistance.

No birds, no spiders, no bugs, nor anything living,

Other than trees and greenery and grass and mossy stepping stones.

So my question was, “what’s going on here? Am I now living without any friends?”

What of this lesson set before me, oh God, I give up before I enter in.

For you have me on a path all alone in a beautiful jungle without a snake

And what shall I do without even a slew to give the questions that must be answered

And lingering for “how long” is beyond anything reasonable

But, if you want me to enter in, then shall I enter

The limbs bare of leaves and foliage

No laughter from children nor tears or crying

Silence and peaceful so it appears

But, lord, the clanging of voices are now gone, disappeared

All the ways that I thought were for the best

Now seem unimportant and somewhat depressed

The world of news, wars, fighting and human distress

Now are gone in this jungle of mistrust

Lord, how do I get out of here?

This isn’t a place for me to endure

Nice as it may seem to have such a place of demure

Thankful that I see before it’s too late

The best place for me to be

Is in this world of terrible whines and mess

And people who are hungry and angry for

Your place of silence without any bugs

To tell you that I enjoyed the quietness

Is a lie of utter intellectual defiance

And the place of peace and humanity

Is in the thickets and meandering trees

Holding a hand torn from the fight

Blessing a bird caught in the winters night

Saying I’m sorry for the things I’ve done

Hugging you until the sun is done

Singing a song until the moon sets

Holding an orphan that must be lost

Bringing home a cat or dog

Loving the lost without cause

Saying well done when the curtain sets

Not traveling a road lost of human threats

Please God hear my prayers prayers

Bless me and others beyond the stars

Bring us home to rest in love

And keep us from pathways of forlorn

Bring us to peace and love for each other



2 thoughts on “Poem (part two of poem one on 12.29.17)

  1. I was really touched by your words – you hit the heart of the matter on a number of fronts, but lyrically and beautifully and with very lush forested language – One can fall back into another world in this piece and while it’s a little scary still feel safe. I will read it again and enjoy it more I’m sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I wrote this following a second poem yesterday about death. I had a temperature and flu.

      So many thanks. I’m glad you got it and was with me.
      Love ❤️ to you


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