1950; Children, of Closet Punishment

1950; Children, Of Closet Punishment

This topic bewilders me. I am an adult now, but still remember the closet. And, 65 years have past.

When reading Stephen Kings novel about how to write, he mentions being locked in the closet when he was a child. My mind flipped back over my years and my closet punishments sat before all memories.

Wondering if children who experience extreme isolation and quietness are prone to developing (one side effect) of creativity, as well as, horror and terror.

Stephen King’s novel was a gift and I’m not a huge reading or watching his shows, fan. I read the book out of curiosity and because it was a gift, only to discover that he and I had experienced the punishment of being locked in a closet.

Now, Mr. Stephen King, I’m not a fan of yours because your stories scare the hell out of me. And perhaps we experienced different types of endings, or visualized different circumstances while in the closet. You saw huge monsters and I saw survival by quietness. However, we both used our minds and imagination to live, to exist, to adjust, to protect ourselves from our closet experience. For these reasons, I see why and how we became writers. You who are famous, wealthy and a wee bit older, but not much, are products of the 1950 punishment regime that a few mothers or babysitters used on their children.

Sharing this story is not easy for me, however, it has entrapped me for a lifetime. I need to come out of the closet now. I’m sixty-five. It’s time.

By BoJenn 2018

All rights reserved

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