The Angel Miniel

We ask Angel Miniel to induce love of humans and animals

Miniel so rare the majestic sights of you
That here you are when so needed
Spreading love to man and puppies
Blowing love orbs amongst the brethren

And was my wish granted to see your face
To see you in action all over the place
Is there something that I should do?
Oh my … I’ll watch, so please, give me clues

I won’t get in your way
I promise this to you
Kindly tell me what I am to do
You smile as if to say,
“Just ask me, for I’ll quicken the stay.”
She winked and then departed with glee
A lesson learned from Miniel ~ to me

@Bojenn 2018
Picture from A Poets Haven


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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