IF (written for someone I love)

If my life went down another road

If happenstances were plainly homely

If times gave bliss instead of wrath

Perhaps you and I would not have met

And if you saw me without the impact

If you saw me as when I once was whole

If you were to speak then, thought doubtful

Perhaps the sorrows may not have occurred

Yet watch and look at the stars as they twinkle!

For within the sparkling, a hope of life appears

Yes, we were once friends my dearest husband

And thankfully a child was born in a season of mirth

And I thank God for our moments

Who thus engendered this young man

Smiling and happiness for such a gift, so grateful

But now, the doors are closing on our plans

If I knew what lies before us

If I think of the future, I shudder

If we never speak again, will matter

However, hatred and abuse have shattered

Every last membrane of my body

BoJenn @2017

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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