From A Poets Haven on FB

Our Choice For This Early Thursday Afternoon’s

Feature Best Of Our Photo Challenge.

Art Abrams

One wears black one white

The winds take their clothes in flight

As birds fly up high

Bonnie Jennings

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang entangled on a beach one breezy evening

Their clothing, yet contrasting and different,

Tangled like women reveling or cats on the prowl

People starring at their unusual behavioral brawls

Observers didn’t try to stop the feminist stewing

The winds moved their bodies in shapes as brewing

Like a dance of martial arts, in and out, their stances

Almost beautiful in reverent artfully created dances

Two women merged working together while tossing

On the shore of a beach out of the place called heaven

And contrast and indifference between two divas

‘Twas merely Yin and Yang compensating for each other

But it all came together so nicely and sweetly guarded

And they rolled off together into the waves of steal

A metamorphosis of wonder and of physics galore

Two women, Yin and Yang fought to keep all sure

Always traveling to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Tossing all energies and making it quaint

For humans, babies, cats and dogs

Bringing hope to existence and peace of sorts

@BoJenn 2018

Thank you A Poets Haven

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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