Just A Day

Within the place where dragons doze while snoring

Stepping gently between claws and dragon appendages

Examining the beasts and any somnolent advantages

Eyes catching movements from their slumbering four helices

Thus embarking across the garden of their webbed den

Thankfully passing by, unnoticed by the dangerous kin

One step be rescued and past their treacherous plan

Almost made it when one glanced upon shacking hands

Frozen in mid air, body forked, all tangled in complete despair

The creature still dreaming and lazily comprehending

Noticed not any careless body or movements dangling

Just one step onto the slime within the morning sunlight

Into the light, I passed, without any trace of fumbling

Freedom from dragons, this day, as breathing normally

Slaying any fears, of beasts, that try to encumber

Sword in hand, passing forward, pressing into

The game of life and all that must be gone through

A time of solace, a time of reverence, and a time of gratitude

@BoJenn 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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