Query Letters, Self Publishing: My thoughts, what’s yours?

You might realize, one day, that producing a novel is costly. I think playing golf weekly, owning the best equipment, and paying for yearly dues at a country club is less expensive than the time spent writing, producing and editing to a perfection that is expansive in many ways.

Then, after all the above is finished, writing, time, editing and re-editing, then the query process begins.

As for me, I’ve received (I’ve stopped counting and this is my estimation) approximately 60-75 rejection letters. All but two have been positive rejections. Some led me from one person to another and other rejections were kindly written, bland, generic, and computer generated letters. The two not so friendly were not horrible, and honestly I cannot remember the first remarks, but the second one said that I was “stilted.” So I looked up the word “stilted” and found the definitions. There are several things the publisher could have meant and I would be guessing.

So, I’m leaving the meaning with the publisher who, by the way, in the salutation to me, never addressed me by name and in the first paragraph he failed to capitalize the first letter of a sentence and misspelled a word. So, I am glad that I’m “stilted” after witnessing the letter of rejection. 🌞

Now, I know that thoughts of self publication are very real and yet are costly. And once again, having query letters edited, spending money on books and classes to make publishers notice the query letter and suffering with the idea, they aren’t successful, must ask, so now what? We consider the cost of self publication and this is overwhelming and pricy.

The writer needs a break. Going to work at my professional job in the health industry is my vacation. Yep. Golfing is sounding more relaxing, less expensive and better for health than writing or working. Hmm 🤔

I wonder what drives us to the point where publishing our work is so important. Is it simply the ego? Do we really have anything that is especially important to say… I think so, but I’m not sure. So, here I sit writing this blog “query thoughts” for me and you. I think writing is an addictive recreation. Maybe so, but isn’t anything and everything we absolutely love an addiction?

Well, I will close now. There are questions that need to be asked of self and others. Why do we write and want to publish? I guess that’s a question that brings to mind: Charles Dickens, Poet Henry Wordsworth, The Bronte Sisters and so many other writers. Those recorders of history brought their world into our present time. Of course not leaving out any present day writers, writing is the recording of time, from the mind of an author, to a person/audience in another place, time or spiritual dimension. There I gave you something to ponder, “a dimension.”

I will end now. Thank you for your time, and prayers for all of us. Have a great day no matter how you spend it whether writing, swimming, planting, playing golf or whatever.

Let me know if I’ve matched your thoughts or prickled them.

Bye for now!


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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