**written under the influence of a temperature of pneumonia **

Wanting, lusting and selling the soul

Gave up the title “We The People “ for desiring more

Rubbing the hands in wants of delectable grub

Gave up the family and selected not to be poor

Bought a home from the bank

Chose a credit card with ribbons of gold

Then got three more ~ so ever bold

Smiling in the beginning, was feeling proud

Shook hands like a Rothschild thinking about

Nothing, but what to buy, after church

Had a family before all the dirt

Began to swallow us up without a word

Teardrops unceasingly tormented our souls

Divorced in spring and married another

Divorced again for the stranglers in currents

Still waiting on the lottery to free us from Satan

Smiling, left ~ yet adorned another

He looked like me when I was a kindred

If only he’d listen and not be hindered

By the dragon that lives up in the mansion

And has private pilots for any consumption

As he whips the human slaves without a pardon

He produces commercials of beautiful women

And having more because of credit

Not forgetting to thank him, because of his pleasures

Wanting more, as if we’re monkeys

Yet he laughs because we’re forsaken

No god to save us as that’s his legend

He sold us, The Bill of Rights

Told us we’re the children of the light

I pray to the god of humankind

Please forgive us and take us from the demons

We believed them and now we’ve come upstreaming

Dead are his promises to a good man

Will politicians stop it!

We’re sick of the scheming

BoJenn 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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