Saturn Transiting Earth, ugh 😑

Saturn’s transition around Earth. 12. 17.18 – 12. 19. 2020. It is in The House of Capricorn and is in regression until 3.21.2020.

Saturn’s vibrational system gives to all of the earth, man and all living creatures, prudent, strong choices. It cleans us from inside to out. It’s powerful influences are considered by mankind as hard lessons. Astrology is not a religion, but is an ancient roadmap of the earth and its inhabitants. It could be used for the universe, but the knowledge is limited to create geological sections from another galaxy to another that are perfect and universal mythology is not yet known.

The time that you were born and the place must be actual and down to the very minute. If not accurate, the mathematical calculations will be inaccurate and a perfected understanding will not be accomplished. Saturn effects all of us as it’s magnetic force overwhelms and penetrates earth’s atmosphere.

As for me, my health has been an issue and I’m ready for Saturns departure. The good news about Saturn’s effect is that the planet brings us into our families (whom ever we consider to be our families) and makes us tight and strong with the unit, and/or it will destroy the artificial members of the so called family unit.

Saturn is a tough teacher. To be mentioned in this scenario is that Saturn is in the house of Capricorn now for the period of time stated above. Capricorn can also be a tough boss. It means business and will bring the work from you lest you die. I say that humorously, but this ride is a tough one. The planet is in retrograde until March 21, 2020 making the journey even harder. Many self truths will come to all during this period of time.

Please remember that astrology is not god and is a roadmap for our choices. Also remember that God praised The Magi for pointing the way to the Lord, Yeshua..


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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