DNA and Cats that kill

Ghong-Gok or Goo Goo

The late Ki Ki 2005

The late Franki 2007

The late Bops of 2018

And I have other felines. …

The point is simple as we all know cats kill anything that moves suspiciously in their site. Lizards, frogs, bugs, butterflies and birds. Etc.

We, the cats and I, have had many conversations about killing other critters. They look at me as I speak, and sometimes they wag their tails slowly, in sarcastic swipes. They seem to say, yes, we hear you, but… they never listen.

It is their DNA that makes them kill and torture innocent living creatures. They bring the trophies home and expect praise.

The thought occurred to me that people have different DNA and some kill without any convictions.

Thoughts on a Sunday

Both parental fowl gone… Cat DNA at work. Very busy those cats are. However… No remorse.

But I still love them.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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