Your Things

Through the years I have kept your things, because you’ve asked me to. I held them for you in an earnestness as if you would return one day. Today I made the decision to let it all go. Years have passed and I’m aging. All the extra baggage is tugging on me and you have not come to collect. So, I’m leaving all by the front doorstep today. They are old now covered in dust and rust. But, I saw them all through, I promised you, and for what reason ~ I do not know. But I carried them through storms, summers and cold freezing days. Many winters have passed but they’ve been safe, I promised this to you. It is in great sadness I ask, where you’ve been, and did you forget your worrisome treasures? Were you frolicking about thinking “she’ll take care of y’all and you will be safe while she’s living with your despair?” Or were they too big for you to carry, and if so, why did you not ask for help? You see I’ve carried your things, his things, and everyone’s else’s things, and I forgot to carry myself. So now, I’m leaving your things at my front door, they are yours to throw away or take care… they need your love.

8 thoughts on “Your Things

        1. Honestly it’s a lot of physical baggage like furniture and stuff that I’ve held for others for years and years, as well as, emotional baggage. It’s time to clean house. But, all in all, I do feel a shift in the positive. Are you feeling this too ¿

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          1. I do! Know what you mean about storing stuff. We got heaps here we;re hanging onto for the kids until they are ready to claim it. At least I live in hope of that happening! Decluttering feels SO good – on all levels.

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