Dream Reporter

Tuesday May 1 dream report. Awakened by 2 rough nightmares this morning, I had to go back to sleep to try to change the atmosphere of my surroundings. Sadly I was abruptly disturbed by an airplane crash almost over the backyard (dream 2).

In between the 2 dreams, I wrote a poem about death. It was inspired by poem 1 and after it was written, I fell asleep once again.

The dreams were subliminal and as if they were real. I noticed upon awakening a phone call came early this morning. I missed the person and have tried to return the call. No answer.

Did anyone else have bad dreams last night?


Follow up report:

A little piece of prose

Perhaps my dreams were happenstance.

Perhaps they were yelling an event.

I don’t know for certain but time will tell and the events will be remembered by the dreams that told a story about the time and happenings surrounding the hints.

Dream reporter


April 30, 2018

Full Moon 🌕 over East Texas

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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