My Bird

Look upon that fence!

See it, or does your mind linger?

The pure white feathers adorn it’s body

However, in the beginning, not so luxurious

Over years, as I’ve seen it perched

Catching glimpses of it, I’ve watched

The young dullness of the early days

A brownish wren, it was likened to

But there it sat, in summer and coldness

Gelid winds and rainy dreary weather

Never moving or so it seemed like never

Thoughts of it passed or was it in my dreams?

The bird sat always there in a memorial service

And I was vague and disregarded it’s unpleasantness

The nagging from its lingering became monotonous

It never chirped or sang in my presence

And as I grew older the fowls feathers lightened

It too showed years of persuasion and persevering

It was notoriously equipped to help my animosities

But over the years my passions drifted into a bewildering love

The breasted bird awaited my exiting from the living

Then upon my final breath it honorably arose within singing

It came to collect the bewildered gapping soulful human

Up and away it flew way past and over Europe

There it laid my dreamy thoughts and utter confusion

At the bed of my master and to whom I’m driven

Looking up, my eyes glance towards a heaven

There in tune voices echoing a song in memory

Knowing that I’m now home and brought by my pilgrimage

My bird arose when in time of my final departure

Patiently it awaited my vague ambiguous recognition

And when time, it flew me home to the place of my beginning

My Bird

BoJenn 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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