Labeling Jesus

I was reading a political statement in the comments section where some wrote, “Blah blah blah and please help Sarah Huckabee in Jesus name.”

Does this mean the other/others are nefarious or are not worthy to have Jesus involved?

Is Sarah the only one to pray for?

I just don’t see Jesus getting involved in this kind of manipulative BS.

2 thoughts on “Labeling Jesus

  1. Jesus Christ is, I believe, being misaligned with efforts by consciously self-righteous, self-serving, convolution-devising people who are either blindly led by devious religions and sects or are instigators of such damaging ideologies to humanity. Unfortunately, the great majority of those who require such control to harness our Constitutionally-protected freedoms and whontry to bend them to be restrictive to their whims are members of the Republican Party or its spin-off , way off, factions of puritanical religious zealots.

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    1. Manipulating the name, that has become a word (Jesus) only, for a kind of person who uses mystical weaponry on others who do not yield to their beliefs is absurd.

      First, Jesus is or was a Jew. He wasn’t about football games, or politics. He was/is about growing in oneself (I hate using this word) spiritually.

      Ugh 😑

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