The Ulterior Manipulation

Amongst the forces speaking or yelling from TV sets come ulterior motives.

The sentences contain one word that drives a person to another vibration.

Good or bad the ulterior is hidden, secret and is used this way for a trap.

A motive, a force, a witch, a spiritual person or a human who knows the physical laws of persuasion.

An ulterior motivation is just that, a masked message, a commercial, the news, politicians, pastors, and people using religious beliefs … use it every moment.

We are manipulators.

We are egos wanting to be right.

We are over taken with our needs and wants.

We are selfish.

We have a need to control.

My words now are manipulating someone into sadness, anger, and furious judgmental behaviors.

It is a desire to show you how easily we, all of us, are played.

By BoJenn 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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