Tenacity The Girl. (A children’s story about being tenacious)

“Being unyielding about my future, I decided determination and pursuits were the only pathway for a successful arrival,” so she told us a little about her story.

She said, “My shoes laces were nicely snuggled with all loose ends placed securely inside my foot. I was ready and I am going to win. I will succeed one more time before my eyes close for the last time.” Tenacity repeated the words of her mothers.

“Her name is Tenacity.” She is known to be tenacious and her mother proudly laughed. Her mother knew what would take her through life and free her to fly. She knew her little girl would have to fight her way out of many wombs and webs binding her from childhood to adulthood. Life would not be easy, but she knew and said under her breath, “Tenacity will make it.”

BoJenn 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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