Peace, an achievable dream?

Poetry about peace is difficult, you see

Writing about the ambiguous ideals are imaginary 

Childish surprises in a box of irrelevant concepts 

Contests creating the absurd are tenacious dreams, to me


However the invitation to submit is playing 

My soul twists my mind into actually thinking 

How could the absurd be written within versus 

The lol’ing of innocent silly foolish bantering


Could be convincing if individually regarding the action 

Thinking of the word “peace” just for the moment is not relaxing 

But, the provoking heart sets the brain in peaceful rhythms 

Slowly breathing in and out, one moment, just not thinking 


Of hatred and wars and battles occurring 

Everyday in the life of a drowning family 

Wondering if life is a punishment for naivety 

Gravely asked, “what are the lessons that we are missing?”


BoJenn May 2018

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