Watching the ones I love deeply am in awe of the huge little things they do.

One always stays near and protects me, even though, I see no sword drawn.

He quietly attends to his computer embellished conversations of this and that.

But, why did you give up your life, I am a wonderful mom, but I don’t require your soul

…but maybe I do. Oh, god, I hope not. You gave up your life for me.

And, my precious sibling, who I honor dearly, and so love…

Please, don’t leave me now… please. And if you should, I will be right behind you…

But, my children …

Then… my daughter…

Are you able to stand without a mom? I’m not sure. But, sometimes we’re not given the chance to see and must trust in something greater than oneself and this is relevant.

And all is good and right in the valley of kings.

BoJenn May 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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