Today, our future measured in time, and ending with a verdict,

will tell the truth and declare if the morning was truly “good’ or not.

Fighting bad mornings made with negative emotions and thoughts with having only won by diligently choosing over and over again the words, the refrains, the statements “I choose life and a good life, I choose laughter and happiness, I choose to know goodness and give mercy, I choose to love the ugly, I choose to say good things, I choose the rainbows of lights, I choose walking in darkness barefooted, I choose to feed the hungry cat, I choose to help rather hinder, I choose to sleep rather than struggle, I choose to say no rather than join negativity, I choose to smile their way offering peace, I choose never to gloat, I choose to walk silently, I choose to walk alone, I choose to embrace all others, I choose me and I choose the path laying before all that escorts us to a resting place of peace. All anxiety, I choose to release like wild beasts. I set it free to go elsewhere. I acknowledge that God is wonderful, kind, helpful, loving, positive and yet uses all negatives to teach us about life and shows us goodnesses and demons. They that hold us captive, in anxiety and sadness. I am a student of the universe. I will grow as it sets out the images of life’s struggles and victories. In all of the questions and the trials, I know how to win and it is within the mind. “

BoJenn 2018 June

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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