Now Tell Me Whose Crazy 😜

As some of you have seen, I’ve posted my photography of Ufology taken in East Texas for the past few years. I don’t go out and deliberately look for ufos or deliberately try to find anything. I simply take pictures and the sightings are seen later, usually such as the fall of 2014 was discovered by me a year later. Accept for yesterday’s event and the Fourth of July a couple of years ago, I never see the flying objects. Yesterday’s was brilliant and was shining brightly from far away as was the ufo on the Fourth of July 2016. I zoomed into their closer views then while photographing from my cell phone. The point is this, the flying things are everywhere. I happened to be lucky and took pictures of them unknowingly. All you have to do is take pictures of the sky 🌌. Mine are daytime events. Have a safe journey doing this and remember people will say you’re crazy, but I must ask … who are the crazy one … yep 👍🏼

Pictures and events taken by me

June 5th, 2018 Bullard Tx, USA 2010

The last one… the image is gone. Disappeared as the sky is darker than before.

Comparing one image against cell phone apps . The last one shows red around the outside. Red is an aggressive color to me. I’m Leary.

One of the above images examined closer using cellphone Aps to enhance the image.

The Sun arising over Tyler Tx USA 2017 at The Regents Building downtown

What is the image that appears as if it is the Sun?

The next images. Are on the eclipse of 2017 taken by me with my iPhone in Tyler, Tx The Regents Building. Notice the orb in several locations.

The, moving onward …

into my past and yours and by the way … there is no such thing as time.

Throw in… I got bitten by a snake because I look up instead of down

Snake unknown, but no real. Damage. Foot swelled, I lived.

Look up and out of your TVs and newspapers.

Then one day, this appeared in my backyard

One comes into view

That was The Moon and an orb surrounding it with pics from my Cellphone

Then, from my backyard summer 2016 … fun fun…breathing normally has taken on new challenges for most of us in my family. We are all. On breathing treatments now meaning albuterol inhalers or HH Nebs

we are all on inhalants now for extreme allergies.

July 3 or 4th 2015 or 16th … the times are fuzzy as time that does not exist is told to me

Once again over my backyard

Soon it leaves

Next fall 2014 and these photos from my cellphone were discovered a year later.

A little history about my family whether or not this has anything to do with these photos

My son was with the government and was a whistleblower 3 times

My father was a mechanical engineer with the government and built missiles, rockets and sadly ammunition for WWII

This is just my awesome weary story. I hope you will enjoy. Thank you for reaching and please if you’re kind reach out to me. Thank you

18 thoughts on “Now Tell Me Whose Crazy 😜

  1. Emery says that he has dissected some of these beings , over 3000, and they are not human in any way. He has great respect for them. Very sad


    1. It would be almost crazy to believe that we are the only ones in a universe that is unending.

      And I think that we are primitive beings compared to the traveling groups.

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          1. Not everyone agrees there is life outside of our little globe. Or if there is, to get here is just too hard – time , distance, energy required etc. Wormholes, I think, are like slippery dips in space enabling fast travel options. Kinda Harry Potterish 🙂

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            1. Yes I agree with something like that. Do you listen to Gaia? It’s about $10.00 a month for service and I don’t know what that computes for you, but scientists on Gaia say that et ufos have been caught, dissected by us and have revealed that the entire spacecraft is alive.

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              1. I don’t listen to Gaia. But I have read and discussed these issues a lot with various people. I do believe there is much that we are not being told by’powers that be’

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              1. I expect there are many forms of energy generation. Our science and understanding is still fledgling when it comes to space travel.

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  2. There is so much Space Junk as it is often called from all of the things we have put into Orbit around are planet that parts of comes back down. And we only hear about the most dangerous pieces. It is not surprising that you may have captured some of it, and not all of the Meters are detected and reported and they may also be some of what you captured on film.


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