UFO experiences east Tx

There in the sky in the early summer or late spring June 2018 around 8 pm cst USA was an opening in the sky. It seemed to be torn and from behind the whole passing through the tear was the most brilliant lights. Whiter than our suns, purer than an sterile laboratory and more brilliant than any lasers seen in movies beaming through the tear in the sky, so I called my thirty five year olds son to come and see this happening. He came, looked up and said, “it’s another star,” and then he left. This wasn’t the first tear in the sky with enormous penetrating lights we’d seen in this backyard.

I took the pictures and he went inside.

This was the color of the sky and is unaltered.

Then I colored the lenses and twisted the tear or object. By the way it was not close too the house. I magnified it on my cellphone apple 7 at the top distance and guessing would say it was between 5 miles away and not as far as 10.

Notice the red surrounding the whole or object this is where the color was pushing through.

Every so often my backyard opens to the lights or orbs or whatever but known as ufos to us.

Lately my breathing has been plagued with asthma and is sometimes severe.

I do believe the is a connection between these stars, opening, tears and brilliant lights not to forget the spraying on my yard.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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