My notes; The Truth About Cancer Gaia Episode 4

Exposure to high level of toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, environmental heavy metals, toxicity to lead, pesticides and mercury need chelation therapy. Colon cleanses are necessary for detoxification.

Who or what takes the trash out the best?

Detoxification is necessary to remove toxins.

Make sure the exits are open before detoxing. The bowels, respiratory, urinary and skin must be open. Get the toxins moving out.

Inflammation stops detoxification.

Mercury is everywhere. EPA says their are no safe levels. We must eat food that makes us detoxify.

Processed foods (cheese, meats drinks, etc) are high in metals. Chemistry binds foods

Strawberries bind with mercury because of the seeds on the outside. The fibers are tough and are microscopic. They bind to the dietary mercury. Fruits and vegetables are binders of heavy metals that cause cancer. Fruit seeds are excellent for binding and have a natural affinity for fighting cancer . Apple seeds are excellent. It is the seeds that of fruit that bind with cancer.

Coffee enemas, I won’t talk about. Read about it accept to say they have been known to be effective against tumors.

Suzanne Summers interviewed says keep cleaning the liver from toxins with coffee enemas.

Water and ph 7.45 will have more O2. Must drink pure water. A glass of water is best way to bring a body back to health. Water has been a cleaner that has saved lives. Colonic hydrotherapy with perfected water with ozone combines in the colon. Oxygen permeates the cells.

Negative thoughts and despair is the power of life and death according to the Bible. Victory over cancer is a decision. If you decide you’re going to die it is hard to change that. No more hope causes death.

Their is nothing but hope. It is neither good or bad. Hope is good for cancer survivors.

Epigenetic’s prove it can turn off the bad genes. That is stopping the bad things that cause the predisposition to occur. Doing the right things cause epigenetic to work.

Placeboes are beneficially use with over stimulating emotions. To do no harm. The power to heal is yours.

The lymphatic system moves the garbage in the body. Rebounding moves the lymph system. Rocking the baby. Move the lymph’s when swollen. Move the body. Rock the baby. Rebounding.

Lymphatic system is the overflow of bleed off due to fluid loss. Edema. Where does the fluids go? Into the lymphatic system. The extra fluids move into the rest of the system through the lymphatic with lymphocytes. The lymph doesn’t have a muscular system so it is passively pushes through the system by the use of other body muscle systems. It uses other muscle parts. It does not have one of its own.

American Indians do heat treatments that cause sweating that excretes toxins. Cancer cells does not so well in hypothermic situations. Hyperthermia. Normal human cells are heat resistant. Cancer cells are fragile to heat. But red blood cell destruction can occur but must be done professionally

Spoiled Rotten

Order of detox

What sticks out the most?

Colon Large intestine first use coffee enema. Triggers the sludge. may get nauseated have diarrhea

(Work bottom up)


Kidney. 3 week cleaning. Take longer. Do once a year. Pelvic pain, hip pain are toxins. Eat watermelons



Hypocrite Oath (basic)

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food

Help and do no harm

Natural forces within us are the true healers of diseases

When a doctor can’t do good he must be kept from doing good

Indian medicine man

In the middle of the forest is a pharmacy

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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