The Advisory

I walked into the field of games

The sky was clear accept for

the horizon

No one saw the darkness

No sword ⚔️ could win

Simple might of speech

Pressing verbiage was on target

Consistent positive words

Shifting the attitude into seat

Managing the masses of cells

With mind manipulation

Thanksgiving and quiet utter

Ask the warrior, how are you?

The engaged won’t reply

Look in the eyes of the attacker’s

Peace and reverence is for now

Watch the pool of ranting Dna

It raises a strong fist to finish

And yet it battles in confusion

It doesn’t have a plan

It shakes and rattles its world

One cell at a time it divides

It seems that it is winning… pause

Regaining the strength of the mind

Slowly getting into the proper position

Good strong posturing for the war

Take hold of what your silence taught you

Be ready to act once again

Now speak of words of healing

Keep uttering until you know clearly

Know that you are stronger than the confusion

And it’s grip begins to let go

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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