When do we become totally enlightened with the understanding of what the supreme being is?


Angers gripped me lately as again I was sent an email with a conversation on it about me from two people. The gossip judged me unfairly and was also humorous at the same time. It gave me more power than I have or am aware of. I suppose that I will investigate my supernatural gifts more closely.

So let me explain if you have time. A brief history of myself goes like this. I was not raised in a Christian home until much later when I started attending an episcopal church. My mother and father joined me. I was 9 ish.

In my early twenties I became a Christian and by late twenties I was a born again, tongue talking, legalistic, finger pointing, gossiping and used overly sweet expressions like the ones I hear now. This was 1977. I could send a person to hell because I knew GOD so well. Hell we, at the churches, even cast other Christians out of the Church for not thinking like us, and this was in Miami, Fl.

In the year 1998, my mother and sister started de-culting me. I was soooo brainwashed. The de-culting has taken twenty years and my karma accompanied me during the years.

It played out that all the people I condemned for being a sinner or declared their going to hell for not believing was vehemently returned. Now, I hear the accusations of the church and their yells seem like screams, and all the while, I must remember the truth about how I acted.

No, I wasn’t religious. I believed and still do, but in another way. I am not higher, or better than others. I am simply on my own path and god is with me as it is with you.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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