Query Your Favorite Agent, #Jenny Bent

Writing a query for me has been a while ago and today I will begin perhaps my last letter to an editor before I self publish.

Here is my genre problem and this hurdle has hidden a great story for a long time. No, I won’t change it. Literary agents and friends have said, “its too religious, its too Christian, it’s not Christian enough,” etc.

So I am going to begin by saying my favorite literary agent, Jenny Bent, is now opened to queries. This will be my third letter to her. She’s the one that I know will connect with my novel. So how do I get her attention? I’m on Twitter with her and on Twitter she made this announcement. I don’t shadow her on there or stalk her, but I try my darndest to write short comments when she posts. Sometimes I don’t write a comment as maybe I don’t have any ideas or thoughts about her topic at that time.

Well, here goes… my list that must be 1 page, have a greeting, a short novel description or synopsis, a short bio about self and the usual salutation that includes all of the places she can connect with me or you.

Let me begin with the descriptions in short words and rule out or keep the ideas, maybe revamp the phrase to a shorter more intelligent few words.

Okay… here my list goes.


Hello 🙋🏼‍♀️

Oh we meet again! Phony

It’s a pleasure to be able to submit my novel to you for my third time. (More me, too wordy)

You’re the one! I know it, but you don’t…yet. 🤔

My novel is:

409 pages described in 1 paragraph (ugh)

Wording looks religious… it’s not (nope)

Psychological (yes)

The child – Adored, gifted, intelligent, beautiful and despised

Spiritual (yes) –

Misconceptions (yes) – a beautiful chaotic malfunctioning town “Glory Town”

(All positive below)

Judgements – all people judge

The Church folk – the worst in judgement in the town. Hateful

Accusations and bullying – like in high school, the town runs its everyday affairs this way.

Strong women- Cat Dubois makes it 45 years late… but becomes and realizes she’s always been

A strong man- town mechanic, uneducated is the depiction of a real man

Ghostly child- a child who is a reflection of her childhood that she has no memories of, but he comes into Cats awareness with the help of Eleanor, Tadhg and His Glove (the little black dog)

Cosmic supernatural personalities- Eleanor, Tadhg, His Glove, Gabby and her husband and two children.

Angels/spiritual beings

Homosexuality and departures- Daniel the preachers son

Tears, joy laughter- the reader recognizes the events in this novel are similar to happenings that have traumatically occurred in their lives.

Isolation- removing self from the harm of others

Alcohol- isolation leads to negativity

Demons- the voices and consciousness of the person who is isolated, is ridiculed, is mentally suffering and is open to their company due to separation, isolation and mental issues

Sexuality- loneliness and despair opens the doors of the imagination. The imagination brings to life acquaintances that are exotic to the mind and allure the contents of the unconscious thoughts into a state of sexual encounters. A lonely mind will create the acceptable personas to accommodate the lonely flesh and satisfy the anguish of physical and mental isolation.

Suicide- the only way out. Everything has failed.

Voices- those voices not connected to schizophrenia but are the conscious of a mentally functioning human

Paranoia- one becomes after traumatic experiences have been inflicted

Mountains and valleys- allegorical

Beauty and deception- description

1950 to 1998- the time of the setting

Love, hate, jealousy and mercy from the universe- the reader should experience

The reader breaks into joy, sadness and great overwhelming accomplishments as they made it! The reader became, Cat Dubois, and is set free from negativity and happenstances. She is the winner in life as she learned how to fight battles, war and submit to victories. Time is magical and truthfully doesn’t exist.

Thank you 🐝 for reading and adding to thoughts on query letters on our planet.

Bonnie “BoJenn”

Eleanor arrives

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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