Human Euthanasia

You ask what is on my mind and I need to say some things that are difficult.

Should I go on beyond our image of a healthy life may I request that you plainly not keep me alive

In a cage of sicknesses sadness and poops

Just simply let me go into the wonderfulness of my dreams

Hold me not in a wheelchair bound in diapers and sweat and turn me over at noon or at half past twelve

Now let me go so that my arms shall take me to flight

See me smiling as I zip past Jupiter and Mars

And do not bury me under soil in a locked casket

No do not, but let my ashes fly away from a mountain top

Where peace from wild animals is within my heart and the breezes blow dramatically upon your face

That is where I want to be

Not in a wheelchair or a nursing home waiting to die

Let me go within the love of god where heaven flows

Kiss my cheek


Perhaps one day you’ll know then also go

to the place of freedom upon this earth

Where death meets life again and again

Until the next encounter I might see you soon



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