2 thoughts on “Bowing Angels at Humans

  1. This flower of thought echoes to me the reverence and respect for mere individuals, whose character grows beyond the bounds of body, revealing the extraordinary courage and dedication and honor that originate not only from within, but from their interaction of heart, mind and soul, with the power and majesty beyond the breadth of the stars.

    Rest In Peace, John McCain. You will be missed and remembered throughout the history of our great nation you loved and served, to achieve that which seems unattainable, but with the will of the angels, the saints, and God himself will be — peace and respect, freedom and equality, for all mankind.

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    1. Hey Ky!

      I stole this thought from a Gaia interview with (can’t remember her name ¿ hmm 🤔)
      But her explanations were deeply positive and all consuming.

      She basically told the tale of how angels do bow to us and to the universe or god when we accomplish beyond extraordinary events or experiences.


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