Experiences in Reincarnation

There within your lips notably tangled

An undelivered message about your mangled

Thoughts about right and wrongdoings

How you are left behind and so taken advantage

Breathe in and rest your eyes on the heavens

Understand that life has unending lessons

Perhaps we agreed to fulfill the duties

Pressure and persuasive anglings

Until the last class in Pieces with Pieces rising

We are meandering our paths and often hurting

The wounds slashed open again and again

Laying down the whips as my heart is driven

Down to the earth below the tears

Wishing it would end and quite nothingness to discern

But nonetheless after nightfall shall be Monday

Then Tuesday, Wednesday, so forth to Saturday

Again and again each week of life

Then another day in several lifetimes forward

Perhaps lovers then or circus clown fools

Running about telling everyone’s story

Reading palms, stealing bread, running a business

Who knows what we’ll choose to linger the cruel

Sadly it is love of one more than the other

And one giggles after the birth of the other

Jumping into many births chasing the other

Never crying at death for it’s just a game

Never ending tragedy for everything is the same

Let it rest, I tell you! Let us go!

And one day in heaven we’ll greet and bough

Because resting from battling, warring fights

Brings clearer perspectives into our sites

Let the Middle East go to bed, so that their eyes will smile.

And peace and safety will jive in their prides, and rest in the kingdoms by giving up the rights.

Sleep well little children and kiss each other goodnight.

Call it quits.

And close your eyes

The end.

BoJenn 2018

All Rights Are Reserved

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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