The mish-mosh of twigs, sticks and green brambles

The mish-mosh of twigs, sticks and green brambles

In such disarray and dangling all together just simply rambling

What clutter and for the sake of humans who’ll clean it

And I shuddered, wondering by worrying, showing enamel grit

Watching a biker traveling nearby smiling as he passed

Forget him, he’s passing through, no commitments gasped

Then a man on a horse trotted by greeting with his smile

Oh no worries, from him, as he assumes no response or trial

And gone are they who pass by the mish-moshed pasture

There I stood silently judging the reckless seemingly disaster

Shaking my head in disappointment and utter awed confusion

Yet a little squirrel sat nibbling on the nuts that had fallen

As the bees and butterflies dipped between different pollens

A deer came to inspect the homes of the their future hollow

And a bunny came to nibble on fallen leaves and wild flowers

As a handsome yellow snake slithered over the refuge proudly

And the birds found feed within the fallen twigs, and wormey matters

And flying insects dove on my flesh trying to bite me as I swatted

However the leaves of the camomile grew by the Dragon Tree superfluous

Thus rubbing on my arms, shoulders, legs and face, started running

Found escaping erases complaints about needless tidying trumpets

And the worries about the foliage disarray was useless and preposterous

Understanding that life has ways of overturning our pleasant expectations

So enjoy the disappointments as well as glad tidings in the tiniest of moments

Though hard to do ~ achieving is the solution for this irrational problem

Resting in times of great computing within the greenery of wild gardens

So restore the neurons system demanding they shall relax

Take it easy, having no worries about tomorrow ~ so there… just sit on your ass

And don’t worry about frantic speculations and about imaginary chatter

There now … Put away thoughts ~especially those about tomorrow

BoJenn December 2018

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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