Today, for the third day, maybe fourth, my eyes have been dilated. 👁 wearing sunglasses 😎 all the time and staying in the dark. There is no reasons for the dilapidated eyes. It’s just this way right now.


Just another attack

So I must recall any memory of what went

Just another attack

That’s because I talk about their methods of abuse

Viruses and bacteria and molds hidden in dearth’s

Songs whispered by ghosts singing out of tune

Far from the natural rhythms under the moon

You hear the words echoed in the night

You once knew them well and it still seems surreal despite

The time has passed away from back then

But the odors remain tucked in under your chin

Fragrances of grandmothers old sachets and big daddy’s tainted handkerchiefs

Though eyes 👀 that can’t see them while they linger on

So I must recall any memory of what went wrong

And what was right for heavens sake!

Dear, remember the goodness before you~ Before it’s to late!

Once again the scene whispers before it disappears in haste

“And what was right for heavens sake ~ Remember all the goodness lest you are to late!”

BoJenn December 2019

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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